Family Yearbook - Deposit


DEPOSIT FOR DIGITAL SERVICE. Three book styles available, starting at $440 which your deposit will be applied towards.

Email [email protected] with any questions or to view our Yearbook Guide for selecting your book style.

Digital design service includes up to 35 spreads (70 pages). Your favorite moments are designed as clean, classic layouts with white backgrounds. Design includes two rounds of revisions to make changes or add/remove photos. All revisions are done through convenient online proofing software. Send up to 500 photos, I expect to use anywhere from 250-350 to tell the story of your family's year.

This deposit is valid for use up to 6 months from date of purchase.

You will receive an email with next steps within 24 hours of purchase.


UPGRADE OPTIONS (Add to cart separately)...
ORGANIZATION | +90 Are your photos from the year a big jumbled mess? Have them returned to you organized in folders by month. Duplicates & obvious throwaways removed. File re-naming optional. Perfect for uploading onto an external hard drive as a long-term secondary backup.

SEND ALL PHOTOS | +150 Send ALL photos from the year (no limit!) and I will cull down to the best for you